How To Teach Soccer To Beginners

Soccer is a great game for boys and girls of all ages, physical ability and fitness level to get involved in. Learning the basic skills of the game is quite easy and within a few short training sessions your child can start to really improve and become a valuable team member. Also, it’s now the most popular sport for children in Australia, with local clubs and school teams in every suburb, so your child will have lots of friends to play with once they learn the basic skills. So, what are these basic skills? In this article, I will teach you some of the basics, along with some simple tips and drills you can practice at home, or in the park, to help with your child’s development.


Dribbling is the most important skill in soccer. In essence dribbling is the ability to control and manipulate the ball with your feet as you move up and down the field. This is a crucial part of the game that every player needs to master. The better your dribbling skills the better you will be able to…

  • Set up for accurate passes and shots in goal
  • Get around opposition players
  • Maintain possession when an opponent attempts to tackle you
  • Move the ball quickly from defence to an attacking position

There are many different techniques and tricks when it comes to dribbling. However, to start we will focus on the fundamentals. summer-sports-camps

6 Tips for Effective Dribbling

  1. Aim to make lots of small, gentle touches with the ball, avoid heavy touches.
  2. Keep the ball close to your feet to maintain control and protect it from defenders.
  3. When moving the ball quickly up the field use the leading edge of same foot to touch the ball gently and keep it close as you get into a gallop, avoid alternating feet when galloping.
  4. Watch the ball using your lower peripheral vision so you can keep awareness of what is happening in front of you or further up the field.
  5. Alternate your dribbling speed as you move up the field to keep defenders off balance.
  6. Use your body to defend the ball by keeping it between the ball and the defender. Using your arms, legs and shoulders as a sort of shield will stop the defender from touching the ball.


8 Simple Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

While we all have a carbon footprint, you can try to make yours as small as possible. It isn’t always easy to do, but you can be proud of the efforts you’ve made to be just a little more eco-friendly.

Below is a list of simple eco-friendly adjustments you can make in your daily life, any of which can support the environment and your green lifestyle. So read through the list, see how many you already do, and pick up a few new ideas to add to your repertoire. The more  of these you use, the greater the impact you’ll have on the environment and the happier you’ll be.

8 Simple Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

While we all have a carbon footprint, you can try to make yours as small as possible. It isn’t always easy to do, but you can be proud of the efforts you’ve made to be just a little more eco-friendly.

Below is a list of simple eco-friendly adjustments you can make in your daily life, any of which can support the environment and your green lifestyle. So read through the list, see how many you already do, and pick up a few new ideas to add to your repertoire. The more  of these you use, the greater the impact you’ll have on the environment and the happier you’ll be.

8 Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle | Direct Energy Blog

1. Cut water use whenever possible. You probably use more water during your morning routine than any other time of day, but there are ways you can conserve. Opt for a shower that morning instead of a bath the night before. Shower at a colder temperature to reduce your water heater usage. Finally, don’t forget to turn the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving and use the lights only when you absolutely must.

2. That cup of joe. You can also make your morning cup of coffee much more eco-friendly without having to sacrifice it. Look for coffee blends that are organic and/or naturally harvested and try to take your coffee in a recyclable or reusable cup. Next, forget the coffee stirrer. Every year Americans throw away 138 billion straws and coffee stirrers according to 50 Ways to Help. Add your milk and sugar to your cup before the coffee and it will stir itself, no stirrer needed.

3. Eco fashion friendly. They say the clothes make the (wo)man and your clothes are an excellent opportunity to showcase your green lifestyle. Avoid jumping on every new fashion trend that comes out and look for garments made from organic materials instead. If your shirt or pants rip, reach for the needle and thread instead of throwing them away. A quick patch job can save you money and protect the environment as well.


How to Define Customer Satisfaction and Measure it

Defining customer satisfaction is not easy. On the surface, you think you know what it means to have a satisfied customer. However, if you dig a little deeper, it would be difficult to say, emphatically, what makes them satisfied.

Think about gyms. They may assume that if someone doesn’t cancel their membership that they’re satisfied, but we know that’s not the case. There’s an entire episode of Friends dedicated to that very conundrum⁠—canceling a gym membership is a very big ordeal.

The only way to really have an exact answer is to measure Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Before you can do that, it’ll probably serve you well to define the customer satisfaction metric. In this article, we talk about just that: how you can define Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and the methods to measure it.

Definition of customer satisfaction

As we mentioned above, it seems like it should be really simple to define what customer satisfaction is. Really, customer satisfaction is a reflection of how a customer feels about your company. It’s the comparison between customer expectations and the type of experience they actually receive from your brand.  Is there customer loyalty or not in your customer base?

Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with great customer experience. In fact, satisfaction goes a long way⁠—just a 10% increase in a company’s CSAT score leads to a 12% increase in trust from customers. If your customer satisfaction efforts don’t meet customer expectations, then you’re bound to see a lot of churns.

However, this metric could be influenced by a number of things. If they think your price is fair for the service you offer, they may say they’re satisfied. Or, perhaps they like the way they were treated when interacting with an employee of your company, so they’re satisfied.

That’s where it can get tricky when you try to define customer satisfaction.

What aspect of your business are you referring to when you’re measuring? It’s very possible someone could be satisfied with the product, but not the service.

Does that automatically mean they’re not satisfied as a whole? It’s tough to say.

Defining what customer satisfaction is for your company can help reduce some of that confusion.

Measuring your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

This is where tools like a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) come into play. They are a way you can measure whether you have satisfied customers or not. It’s very popular because it’s easy to send, and easy to interpret the responses, since it’s only a one question survey.

If you’re not familiar, CSAT is a metric used to measure the degree to which a customer is happy with a product, service, or experience.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is assessed by asking customers: “How would you rate your overall satisfaction” with your company and its products, services, and interactions.

A five-point scale is most commonly used, with options very unsatisfiedunsatisfiedneutralsatisfied, and very satisfied. Translate each response into a number from 1 to 5, and your CSAT score can be easily calculated.

There are two ways companies can calculate CSAT: an average of 1-5 or by focusing in on the 4-5 responses.

GetFeedback recommends using this formula: (Number of  4 and 5 responses) / (Number of total responses) x 100 = % of satisfied customers.

While you can use CSAT as an average, that isn’t as useful as calculating the percentage of those customers who consider themselves satisfied. If you stop and think about it, that makes sense—the metric is looking at the percentage of happy customers specifically.

Some organizations use a seven-point scale for more precision, while others prefer a three-point scale for simplicity to help improve response rates.

The final score is typically represented as a percentage of the maximum. With a five-point scale, for example, a CSAT rating of 80% means that the majority of customers are giving a satisfied rating (4 out of 5).

Along with CSAT surveys, there are also a few other types of customer loyalty surveys you can use to measure customer sentiment. The two most common surveys beside CSAT are NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score).

For more on these surveys, see our free customer loyalty metrics guide.

Each survey has its uses and places it performs the best. That said, only a CSAT is explicitly interested in measuring satisfaction. With that in mind, it’s probably the best option to use.

Distributing customer satisfaction surveys

So, now that you’re aware of the different options you can use to measure customer satisfaction you may be interested in some strategies for distributing your CSAT survey. After all, a survey is only useful if it gets responses.

  1. Follow-up quickly (but not too quickly): Have you noticed that when you talk to a representative on the phone they want you to take a survey right away? That’s because it’s when the interaction will be freshest in your memory. However, if it’s for a product or service, it would be wise to wait a bit so the customer can get some experience using the product.

  2. Be specific: f you’ve ever worked in support you’re no stranger to seeing a negative score on a CSAT response and feeling your heart drop when you see it’s related to you. You hesitantly look at the response only to find that their issue was with a feature you’re missing and not the service you provided. In order for data to be useful, you need to be explicit when asking for feedback. Make sure the language of the survey isn’t ambiguous so you know the score is relevant. You need specifics if you’re going to improve your CSAT score.

  3. Implement the feedback: The best currency you have with customers is if you can prove their voice matters. We all get a ton of surveys and it’s pretty common not to answer because we don’t think the company actually cares about our opinion. There are a few ways to show that’s not the case, but the best solution is to make changes based on the feedback you get. Once customers realize their voices are being heard, they’ll be more likely to share.

Just like defining customer satisfaction, measuring it also has its own nuances. Practice and iterating on the process will help you improve and optimize for the future.

So, if it doesn’t go exactly as planned right away, don’t be discouraged. There’s always room for improvement.

Where to deploy a customer satisfaction survey in the customer journey

The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) customer loyalty metric is both a relationship metric and a touchpoint metric.

It’s a relationship metric in the sense that the customer satisfaction survey can be used to evaluate the overall customer relationship/customer satisfaction and end-to-end experience.

And as a touchpoint metric, it can be used to capture feedback after individual customer interaction with different points of the customer journey.

For instance, you should use a customer satisfaction survey to measure the experience during the beginning of the customer journey, which includes the discovery and exploration stage. Here your customer is deep into the research phase, trying to learn about your brand and comparing it with others like it. So, for example, you could ask how satisfied they were with the ability to find answers to their questions on your product page.

The customer satisfaction survey is also great for evaluating the overall experience during the purchasing stage, especially for B2B companies.

As well as for measuring the performance and quality of a product or service and the satisfaction of a complex support need.


Awakening To Win You Have To Begin

To Win You Have To Begin

Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants the nice home, the nice cars, more money, nicer clothes, holiday homes, private jets, yachts, and to live life on their own terms. But how many people actually begin? This is a major aspect that you must come to the realization of within yourself, you have to begin in order to win.

Success comes from action, many say, they want better, but they still continue doing the same old things that keep people broke and unsuccessful, who are you kidding? If you want to live the Rich Life you have to have Rich Daily Habits.

You don’t become successful by having Poor Daily Habits, understand that, if you do what unsuccessful people do on a daily basis then you are not going to make much progress a year from now, however, on the other hand, if you have Rich Daily Habits then a year from now you will most certainly be at a greater level, it is inevitable, success is inevitable if you put in the work every single day.

Begin on a journey to your dreams, be fuelled up by inspiration and determination. How exciting is it to know that you are going to be living your dreams soon. The realization of your dreams does not have to begin the day that you actually live your dreams, every day in the grind you are living your dreams, enjoy the journey towards a greater life of service, abundance, prosperity, and success.

Most people are so engrossed in this nonsense of conformity that they don’t ever begin. Their mind has been clouded by mediocrity, take a look around at the sleepwalkers. When you Awaken you see things differently, life is lived in the realm of possibility, abundance, prosperity, positivity, and success.

Whatever area of life that you want to improve you must begin, you must take action, you must set goals, you must make the plans, and you must have a daily schedule of success laid out for you to accomplish your goals.

Take the first step, take action, be a doer, speak less, do more, get serious about success, get serious about living your dreams, get serious about the grind, get serious about separating yourself from the crowd, get serious about living a life of greatness and service.

The choices you make on a daily basis are what hold you back or propel your life to greater heights, let this day be the beginning of you winning. To be a winner you must do what winners do, and winners begin and they get things done. Losers don’t ever start and they get nothing done.

The stance of the unsuccessful folk is that, if I don’t ever try anything I will never encounter failure, I will never encounter disappointment, I will never encounter misery, and I will never encounter defeat. Well, if you don’t ever begin then you get those things by default.

Begin, start today to move in a new direction, the direction of your dreams. Everything does not have to be perfect in order for you to start, just take the first step in faith and the path will become clearer but if you don’t ever begin then you will live the rest of your life in darkness.

Get up and take action, as action is the key that helps you to unlock the door to your gifts and potential. Don’t just choose to be a commoner, common folk are dead inside, death by mediocrity, do you want to be like that? No you don’t, so try different things and find what you love to do, be of service to humanity, and find a way of making money doing that. The formula is simple but the application is what holds many back. Be an exception, be different from the masses.

Choose to be a winner, the time has come for you to believe in yourself wholeheartedly within your mind and know that you can achieve anything. Rise and grind and put in the work and chase your dreams, live your passion, make a difference and leave the world a better place than you found it. It’s time to really step up your game on this journey of greatness. Take action and make your dreams a reality.


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